The Room of Senses:

Interactive Game "The Collages of Emotions"

Dominyka Adomaitytė and olfactory art group Hortus Apertus

1, 2, 4, 5 May 12:00 – 19:00

6, 7 May 11:00 – 19:00

The basic emotions by P.Ekman and W.V.Friesen – disgust, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise transfuse with each other forming the palette of human emotions. The authors of the game invite to explore the sound and scent dissolving over the body, experience how these reflect to own and other people emotions. The synthesis of sound and scent evokes synaesthesia, excite the imagination and penetrate into the memory.

The participants are free to move and co-create the installation by relating sounds and scents as the aromatic substances and sound collages are separated in the room.

Dominyka Adomaityte, sound artist
Jurga Katakinaite – Jakubauskiene, olfactory artist (olfactory art group Hortus apertus)
Reda Valentinavičiene, olfactory artist (olfactory art group Hortus apertus)

ATTENTION! We highly recommend avoiding perfumes at least 2 hours before the event.

Symbolic Immersion of 3 Senses "The Sea"

Mantautas Krukauskas and olfactory art group Hortus Apertus

1-7 May, 11:00 – 19:00

Slightly shivery space immerse into the depth of symbols of of the sea.

This is a room for senses contemplation.

Please, enter, take a seat and breath.

Visual: decorative composition “The Sea” by Rimute Kriukelyte (1950-2005), 1999. Clay, glazes, high fire.

Scent: scent composition „The Limit 60°02′20.0″N 29°77′52.7″ by perfumer Laime Kiskune (olfactory art group Hortus apertus) 2016. Natural aromatic substances, isolates x ethanol, myristate.

Sound: the sea and radio telescope sounds composition by composer and sound artist Mantautas Krukauskas, 2017.

Project: olfactory artist Jurga Katakinaite-Jakubauskiene (olfactory art group Hortus apertus).

ATTENTION! We highly recommend avoiding perfumes at least 2 hours before the event.

Fragrance of Lithuanian cuisine by Laime Kiskune

1-7 May 11:00 – 19:00

Laime Kiskune: “In collaboration with the food culture explorer and chef Jonas Palekas I as perfumer of Kvapu namai created a fragrance, that seeks to convey the identity of Lithuanian cuisine – a hint of humid soil and fresh air that’s saturated with the spring aroma of newly sprouting nature, which very precisely invokes a taste of a simple Lithuanian dish – white cheese and fresh blackcurrants jam on black bread.”

During the opening of the Venice Bienale International Architecture Exhibition this fragrance pervaded the Baltic pavilion, when Jonas Palekas presented his experimental food process laboratory to artists and audience.

Author: Laime Kiskune, perfumer and olfactory arstist (olfactory art group Hortus apertus)

Exposition is supported by JSC Kvapų namai (Aromata Mirabilia).

ATTENTION! We highly recommend avoiding perfumes at least 2 hours before the event.

Taste and Scent Laboratory

3 May 11:00 – 19:00

We invite you to explore your senses of smell and taste and discover the connections between the two.

We neither perform science research nor announce sensational discoveries in our laboratory. We rather motivate you cognize the self via subjective experience of smell and taste.

We only use the highest quality and natural edible extracts. You will be presented the possibility to smell and taste the pure substances and the mixtures. No need for special education or know-how, only natural curiosity of explorer, positivity and inner attention to your senses.

Let your receptors awaken and be ready to experiments in the kitchen.

Organiser of the laboratory JSC Kvapų namai (Aromata Mirabilia),

Touch Laboratory "Weight"

Aistė Jančiūtė and the Theatre of Senses

4 and 5 May 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00

Laboratory “Weight” is an experiment-installation-performance dedicated to the sense of touch. We invite to experience the concept of the weight from the physical, artistic, psychological and philosophical perspectives.

The body as the three-dimensional object is being perceived through the touch or the dynamic of pressure. The experience of weight is the main tool to perceive physical reality. The return of attention to the body is facilitated by weight and grants the creative space to experience the (no)limits of oneself and surroundings. Gravity affects us continuously, however the conscious experience of it extends the perception of one’s own limits and surroundings.

Aistė Jančiūtė, VDA KDF textile master student
Theatre of Senses,