Olfactory art exhibitions

  • Design Week 2017
  • Hanging Gardens (Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, 2017)
  • Smells – an invisible beauty of Saint Petersburg (Art gallery VNUTRI, 2016)
  • Tour to Maghreb – the ancient scents of the world (UNESCO, 2012)
  • Trip to Babylon: the ancient scents of the world (Kvapų namai, 2012)
  • (Un)Sustainable scent of (Non)Temporary Kaunas city (Kaunas City Museum, 2012)
  • Fight the Smell (Argentum, 2012)
  • Presentation of Sissel Tolaas creation works (Vilnius Academy of Arts, “Titanikas”, 2011)
  • Garden of Roses (Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2010)


  • “Rosa Mundi” conference dedicated to roses (Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2012)

Olfactory installations

  • Odoration with Maria (National Drama Theatre of Lithuania, 2016)
  • Library Year (Vilnius University Library, 2016)


  • Urban touring game “Vilnius Scent Detectives”, (2016)
  • Imagination Game “Listening Incenses” (public square in Vilnius Old Town, 2011)

Olfactory performances and events

  • Performance “A Dance of Incense String” (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2015)
  • Urban pilgrimage “An Odorous Inhalation of Lost and Being Sacred Spaces of Ancient Vilnius” (2014)
  • Koh-do: incense ceremony (LITEXPO, 2011)

Aromatical Illustrations

  • F.Ruszczyc “Spring” (Vilnius Picture Gallery, 2014)
Hanging gardens
odoracija su marija
kvapu detektyvai
smilkalo stygos sokis